Adorable Stuffed Animals

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Stuffed Animals Are Dog Toys!

Toys can improve your dog's ability to learn, helping them to develop new skills. They also enhance their natural behaviors, such as exploring, foraging, and playing. Toys, such as stuffed animals or other stuffed toys, can also help your dog relax, making them happier. It goes without saying that playing is a rewarding experience for them, which counteracts the negative effects of stress.

Fun Fact!

Studies show that more than half of American adults still have the teddy bears they had when they were growing up!

The Importance of Play

"“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.” -Kay Redfield Jamison


About Us

We started this business because we grew up loving stuffed animals, and we still do. We want everyone to find the perfect stuffed animal. Find your favorite one and fall in love or find the perfect one for your loved ones so they can experience the joy that only stuffed animals can provide.

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